Trucksmith team member, Tylor, sits in the back of a LoLoader wearing his blue and yellow Trucksmith uniform.




The story of the Trucksmith® LoLoader® is a long one starting with the original design back in 1993.  Along the way the design and build has been influenced and developed by many people; these include customers, design engineers and the actual Trucksmith® team that work on the production line; one such team member is Tylor.

Tylor joined Trucksmith® a little over five years ago.  A keen footballer and Spurs fan, his links with Trucksmith® go further back than this.  Whilst he was still at school, Tylor’s older sister worked in the Trucksmith® Accounts Department, she approached Company Director, Emma Trebble, with a view to Trucksmith® sponsoring Tylor’s football kit at Willand Rovers FC;  “Trucksmith® has always been a family run business and naturally, family helps family, so we were more than happy to sponsor Tylor; it also meant that when he applied for a job with us I remembered him as being a dedicated lad who wrote very polite thank you letters.  It may sound trite but in the employment market, anything an applicant can do to stand out in a positive way is important.” 

And apply for a job at Trucksmith® Tylor did, “I knew about Trucksmith® for two reasons really,” says Tylor, “First of all Jade had worked there and secondly because they’re known in the area for being a good employer and a company that is at the head of its field.  Everyone knows what a LoLoader® is and everyone knows that Trucksmith® invented them.  So when I finished my apprenticeship at Exeter College, it was the first place that I really wanted to work.”




Trucksmith team member Tylor seals up a wheelbox in a LoLoader


Tylor joined the team at Trucksmith® as a trainee, “When I first started the training to get me established was really good.  I’m quite a handy person so I was comfortable using air tools and different materials, I was trained and tested in lots of different areas so that at the end of my probation period I had a good idea of what was expected of me and my manager Wayne knew where I was best suited to work.”  Wayne agrees, “Tylor is a talented young man and that was apparent from the outset, he’s hardworking and a real team player, it means placing him in different areas of the Production Team has always been easy.”

Tylor feels that his greatest achievement in his career so far is how he has progressed; “There’s always room to grow here, if you work hard and apply yourself Trucksmith® will support you.  I’m a Journeyman now but am hoping to move up in the next round of grade rises.” that won’t be enough for ambitious Tylor, “Ultimately I want to be a Line Manager at Trucksmith®.  The management team here have always believed in me and wanted me to be the best version of myself I can be, so leading my own team at Trucksmith® would be an important goal I’d like to reach.  I want to buy my own house and settle down one day and for me I want to do that at Trucksmith®.”




Reflecting on what he is most proud of when it comes to LoLoader® production Tylor continues, “We all take pride in our work producing the LoLoader® at Trucksmith®.  There’s a lot of thought that’s gone into how it’s built and how it can benefit our customers.  It’s quality workmanship that makes a quality product.  The guys here are top rate, you can’t fault us as a team, everyone wants to produce the best work they can because we’re all proud to be part of Trucksmith® and to build the LoLoader®.” 




And what about the prolific numbers of LoLoader® bodies you see on the road? “When you think about it Trucksmith® changed how the roads of Britain look with the LoLoader®.  You cannot go anywhere without seeing a Trucksmith® LoLoader®, they’re everywhere.  It makes me proud to be part of that story, you see one and you go ‘LoLoader®’, we all do it.  What’s great is when you see a really old one on the motorway still going strong, there’s that history and again it’s that quality of workmanship, it’s one of the reasons our customers come back for more and one of the reasons we’ve been voted What Van? Magazine’s Converter of the Year two years running.”


Trucksmith LoLoader sits against a clear blue sky unloading two giant What Van? Converter of the Year awards, one for 2017 and one for 2018