• The leader in low-floored Luton vans

    The most famous and successful range of 3.5 tonne GVW low floored Luton vans in Europe.

  • Voted Van Converter of the Year

Our People

Trucksmith® is proud to have been a family-run business since 1985.

We now employ more than 100 people. From the management team to our skilled craftsmen, we have great people taking great care to create a high quality product.

Our Facilities

Trucksmith® operates across more than 64,000 sq ft, including modern production facilities and a dedicated and well-resourced design and development department.

We continually improve the manufacturing process to enhance the efficiency and build quality of our vans. These class-leading vehicles are slickly manufactured to meet the demands of fleet buyers of all sizes.

What you can expect from Trucksmith